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The Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS) is dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of Canadians by empowering individuals with scientifically grounded information on the effects of stress on the brain and body.
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Welcome to your Questionnaire CINÉ 2020 EN

You are stranded at the airport for the third day in a row because of a snowstorm.

You were away with your spouse for the weekend and on your return, you notice that a tree has fallen on the roof of your house and has caused some damage.

A group of your friends “forget” to invite you to a party.

You have a good job that you find fulfilling. One day, you receive a job offer from another company that offers more rewarding challenges.

. You are reading quietly on the metro when all of a sudden it comes to a rapid halt and you are asked to get off.

You are planning a vacation to South Africa with your family.

You have just submitted your first offer to buy a house, and you are waiting to hear back from the sellers.

You have asked for a promotion at work and your request was refused.

You have just bought a new house that comes with a superb underground pool that you must now learn how to use.

You arrive on the site of a car accident. The car is on fire and there is no way that you can approach the car to save any of the passengers.

You quietly come into work, sipping on your morning coffee, when you bump into your boss who asks you to immediately present last week’s financial report to your colleagues.

Your parents decide to file for divorce after years of constant conflict.

You are introducing your young daughter to a group of new co-workers at a law firm where you were recently hired. She asks you the meaning of a well-known legal term that you simply cannot remember. Everyone is standing there waiting for you to respond.

You are moving to a new country. After having organized and planned everything for this move, you are now on the airplane heading to your new destination.

At work, your boss constantly compares you to one of your colleagues, Sarah. One day, your boss says, "Sarah does this task so well. Why can’t you be as efficient as she is?"

You are at a restaurant having a romantic dinner with your spouse when suddenly, your ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend) shows up at the table to greet you.

You have a business trip in a European country and you have been waiting for the past 4 weeks for your travel visa to be issued. Your trip is scheduled for next Wednesday.

You are asked to learn to use an unfamiliar computer program for work.

You’ve been postponing your weekly housework for a while, but you still decide to go jogging since it’s an ideal Friday night. Just as you lock the front door your brother pulls up into the driveway with his wife, kids, and the family dog too.

A relative that you have not seen for a long time tells you that you have gained a lot of weight and that you looked better before.